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Woodland hedgehog belongs to the Erinaceus genus of a hedgehog from the family of Erinaceidae. There are 4 principal species of Erinaceus.

The range is all throughout Europe, all through the Middle East, components of Russia, and lengthening to northern China. Some of the European hedgehogs have been launched in New Zealand.

Woodland Hedgehog Description

As is an attribute of different hedgehogs, members of Erinaceus, Woodland hedgehog have spines. These spines are a modification of the hair that’s shaped and strengthened by keratin.

They comprise hole air-filled gaps separated by skinny inside layers of the backbone to minimize the load. Every backbone is tapered on the end to type some extent and likewise on the base place it then types a bulb that’s hooked up to the pores and skin.

The tapering on the base permits the backbone to have a piece that may bend below stress and dampen forces positioned on the spines. Each of the spines has a dermal muscle that erects the backbone for protection. The size of Erinaceus is 20–30 cm with a weight of 400–1200 g.

Woodland Hedgehog

Woodland Hedgehog Behavior

Like all different hedgehogs, the Woodland hedgehog is nocturnal and seeks shelter in shrubs and burrows throughout the day. The frequent protection mechanism is to roll right into a ball with the spines going through outward.

The motion is completed as a result of extra unfastened pores and skin on the back of hedgehogs permits them to tug it around the remainder of their body forming a ball.

The first step is to tug pores and skin to fold over the pinnacle and rear of the body. Once that is carried out a muscle that runs alongside the sides of the animal referred to as the panniculus carnosus contracts pulling everything in like a drawstring.

Like most hedgehogs, Woodland Hedgehog is solitary till breeding season. Another regular motion is self-anointing the place the organism produces thick foamy saliva and proceeds to cover its spines with the saliva.

Woodland Hedgehog

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This could possibly be in response to a chemical sign and sometimes is completed when a brand new object is launched. The purpose for self-anointing is unknown and believed to be both a part of the protection or attraction of a mate.

Hibernation is frequent in every one of the species for Woodland Hedgehog. Most have the power to decrease the body temperature near that of the environmental temperature.

In specific, Erinaceus europaeus the body temperature can drop right down to 1 °C and decrease its heart charge right down to 22 beats per minute.
Reproduction and lifespan

It is believed that the Woodland hedgehog is polygynous in mating. Once fertilized gestation is between 30–40 days. Upon beginning, the younger are born blind and depending on their mom.

The average litter size is 2–5 offspring with a most of 10. Offspring are born without developed spines, which type inside a number of weeks. Weaning happens around 4–6 weeks. Sexual maturity is reached around 12 months. The average life span is 2–5 years whereas in captivity lifespan can attain as a lot as 10 years.

Woodland Hedgehog


Woodland hedgehog is an omnivore. It will eat small invertebrates, small vertebrates, fruit, greens, and even fungi. In some instances, they’ve been identified to eat venomous snakes and even poisonous beetles. Some species present resistance to snake venom as much as forty instances larger than that of the abnormal laboratory mouse.

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