There are different types of hedgehogs that can be treated as pet, or wild. Hedgehogs are a kind of animal that we call mammals. Different types of hedgehogs are different in size, diet, habitat, and behavior. Hedgehogs are small they usually have brief spikes on their bodies, brief legs, and a sharp nostril.

They’re actually cute animals and they’re many forms of hedgehogs (17 species to be actual). These animals appear like a porcupine however they don’t seem to be identical. In this article, we are going to share a list of 19 different types of hedgehogs:

Different Types of Hedgehogs

Let’s find below a short description of 19 different types of hedgehogs:

1. South African hedgehog

The good-looking South African hedgehog has a particular white stripe on its head towards in any other case darkish fur. They may be present in nations like Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

South African hedgehog
South African hedgehog

2. European Hedgehog

The European hedgehog, additionally identified by its scientific name, Erinaceus europaeus or the West European hedgehog or the frequent hedgehog, is native to Europe

This species of hedgehogs are often about 10 inches long with a brownish to black look. They are identified to dwell for as much as 10 years and sometimes eat slugs, snails, earthworms, beetles, caterpillars, and different bugs.

Found throughout a lot of Europe, these are sometimes referred to as the frequent hedgehog. They can develop as much as a foot in size and dwell as long as 10 years.

European Hedgehog
European Hedgehog

3. Indian Long-eared Hedgehog

The different domesticated hedgehog breeds, these animals are native to India and Pakistan. This signifies that the Indian Long-Eared hedgehog can deal with each excessive warmth and excessive chilly a lot better than most hedgehogs.

The Indian long-eared hedgehog or Hemiechinus collaris lives in arid areas of Pakistan and Northwestern India. It’s a small hedgehog that’s darkish in coloration. It grows as much as 6.5 inches in size.

Indian Long-eared Hedgehog
Indian Long-eared Hedgehog

4. Brandt’s Hedgehog

Brandt’s hedgehog or Paraechinus hypomelas grow as much as 10 inches in size. They have giant ears and are darkish in coloration. These forms of hedgehogs dwell in components of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen. In addition to curling up in a defensive ball, Brandt’s hedgehogs bounce at predators to scare them off.

The Brandt’s hedgehog is of course present in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen. It has very darkish fur and quills, and far bigger ears than most hedgehogs. When threatened, they’ve been identified to leap at predators spikes-first!

Brandt’s Hedgehog
Brandt’s Hedgehog

5. Algerian Hedgehog

The next most popular of all domesticated hedgehog breeds, a distant relative of the Algerian hedgehog was domesticated by the Romans within the fourth century for use for meat, quills, and pets. They often develop to be about 7-10 inches long.

Algerian Hedgehog
Algerian Hedgehog


6. Indian Hedgehog

The Indian hedgehog or Paraechinus micropus is native to India and Pakistan and has raccoon-like facial options. It likes sandy desert areas however will not be unusual in different environments. Its diet consists of bugs, frogs, toads, bird eggs, snakes, and scorpions.

Though they bear an identical name to a domesticated hedgehog, this totally different species is discovered solely within the wild. They dwell within the high mountain areas of India and Pakistan and are most distinguishable by their small size and mask-like face markings.

Indian Hedgehog
Indian Hedgehog

7. African Pygmy Hedgehog

The African pygmy hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) or four-toed hedgehog inhabits areas all through central and eastern Africa. They develop to about 8 inches long and are white in coloration.

As its name suggests, it solely has 4 toes on every paw. These little guys may swim. Four-toed hedgehogs feed on bugs, grubs, snails, spiders (for instance, tarantulas), in addition to crops. They dwell for as much as three years within the wild.

The African Pygmy hedgehog is also called the “four-toed hedgehog”. They are some of the popular forms of domesticated hedgehogs bought as pets. Solitary, nocturnal, and energetic, they will run as a lot as 5 miles a night!

African Pygmy Hedgehog Different Types of Hedgehogs
African Pygmy Hedgehog

8. Long-eared Hedgehog

Long-eared hedgehogs or Hemiechinus auritus are nocturnal and are identified to wander as much as 5 miles seeking meals. They typically dwell in average climates all through the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, and a few arid areas of East Asia.

These forms of hedgehogs have brief spikes and, after all, long ears. Their principal protection mechanism is to shoot its spikes after which fled the scene.

Long-eared Hedgehog

9. Desert Hedgehog

The desert hedgehog (Paraechinus aethiopicus) is small and grows as much as 6 inches long. When threatened, these hedgehogs curl up in a defensive ball that enables its long quills to protrude and harm predators.

The pint-sized prince of hedgehogs, Desert hedgehogs solely develop as much as six inches long. They may be discovered within the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East.

These hedgehog breeds dwell in desert areas of North Africa and the Middle East. They feed on child snakes, varied invertebrates (like lizards), and even scorpions. However, they’re good sufficient to tear off the stingers first before consuming scorpions.

Desert Hedgehog

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10. Bare-bellied Hedgehog

This hedgehog species was believed to be extinct till lately when some had been present in India. There will not be a lot identified about these styles of hedgehogs.

The bare-bellied hedgehog (Paraechinus nudiventris), also called the Madras hedgehog, is a species of hedgehog that’s endemic to dry arid areas and scrubby jungles in south-eastern India.

Bare-bellied Hedgehog

11. Somali Hedgehog

As the name suggests, the Somali hedgehog (Atelerix sclateri) is native to Somalia. It has white fur on its underbelly nonetheless the feet are brown or black in coloration.

Found solely in Somalia, these small hedgehogs have a white stomach with brown or black legs.

Somali Hedgehog Different Types of Hedgehogs
Somali Hedgehog

12. Amur Hedgehog

Native to Central Asia, the Amur hedgehog can develop as much as a foot long. They are additionally present in South-Eastern Russia, Korea, and China.

The Amur hedgehog, additionally referred to as the Manchurian hedgehog (Erinaceus amurensis), makes its dwelling in South-Eastern Russia, Korea, and China. They are about 12 inches in size and are often pale brown.

Amur Hedgehog
Amur Hedgehog

13. Gaoligong Forest Hedgehog

Only found as lately as 2018, this distinctive species can solely be discovered on the slopes of Mt. Gaoligong within the Yunnan province of China. They hibernate between October and April — virtually half the year!

Gaoligong Forest Hedgehog
Gaoligong Forest Hedgehog

14. Northern White-Breasted Hedgehogs

The northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) is a species of hedgehog that inhabit areas of Poland, Austria, Greece, and the Adriatic Islands. These hedgehogs appear like frequent European hedgehogs however with a white crest of fur within the breast space.

Easily recognizable by their white bellies, these hedgehogs had been initially present in Eastern Europe, however have spread to Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucasus area.

Northern White-Breasted Hedgehogs
Northern White-Breasted Hedgehogs

15. Southern White-Breasted Hedgehogs

The southern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor) generally known as white-bellied hedgehog or white-chested hedgehog lives in Southwestern Asia and Eastern Europe.

Found in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the Southern White-Breasted hedgehog differs from the European primarily by its white stomach and its behavior of creating a nest from grass versus digging.

It resembles the European hedgehog but it surely has a white spot of fur on its stomach or chest space. These hedgehogs additionally want to make nests of grass as a substitute for digging dens. It’s additionally genetically totally different than the northern white-breasted hedgehog.

Southern White-Breasted Hedgehogs Different Types of Hedgehogs
Southern White-Breasted Hedgehogs

16. Daurian Hedgehog

The Daurian hedgehog or Mesechinus dauuricus is a small hedgehog that grows as much as eight inches long and lives in Russia and Nothern Mongolia. They wish to feed on bird eggs, small rodents, small reptiles, and nestlings. These forms of hedgehogs want to be alone.

A protected species in Russia and Northern Mongolia, the diminutive Daurian hedgehog grows to solely round 6-Eight inches long.

Daurian Hedgehog
Daurian Hedgehog

17. Hugh’s Hedgehog

Native to Central China and Manchuria, the voracious urge for food of Hugh’s hedgehog generally leads it to search for meals through the daytime — a behavior not shared by different hedgehogs.

These forms of hedgehogs are endemic to central China and Manchuria. Hugh’s hedgehog or mesechinus hughi, not like different hedgehog species, which can be nocturnal, may be seen in search of meals within the daytime.

Hugh’s Hedgehog Different Types of Hedgehogs
Hugh’s Hedgehog

18. Egyptian Long-Eared Hedgehog

Smaller than European hedgehogs, when discovered within the wild this domesticated breed will usually hibernate for brief durations of time in summertime and winter. Long-eared hedgehog breeds are naturally parasite susceptible, so you’ll want to source one from a good seller when you’d wish to hold one as a pet.

Egyptian Long-Eared Hedgehog
Egyptian Long-Eared Hedgehog

19. North African Hedgehog

The North African hedgehog (Atelerix algirus) or Algerian hedgehog lives throughout North Africa in locations like Morocco and Algeria. It has a light coloring and doesn’t have any spines on the crown of its head.

North African Hedgehog
North African Hedgehog

We hope this article on Different Types of Hedgehogs was worth reading.

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