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Blue Abyssinian cat is one of the most popular cat breeds and is a joy to have in your home. They are affectionate cats and love both humans and other animals. This article will discuss about Blue Abyssinian cat.

Blue Abyssinian cat Profile

Blue Abyssinian cat is a medium-sized cat with a long body and well-developed muscles with He is an active cat that likes to jump and play.

The Blue Abyssinian cat looks moderately in all directions, with smooth planes over his head. Her triangular head has a gentle sip.

An ear of the Blue Abyssinian cat is larger than his head is leaning toward his head giving him a careful, conscious look as if he is always paying attention to what is happening around him.

His eyes, which look large in his appearance, show the alertness and intelligence inherent in the breed.

The dress in blue Abyssinian cat is short and has a bunch of hair in her ears. The colors of the Blue Abyssinian cat are very special.

In most parts of the Blue Abyssinian cat, each individual hair color band has a spinal line that looks dark along.

The color of her cheeks lightens on the bottom of the neck and under the cat and softens the inside of her legs.

blue abyssinian cat blue abyssinian blue abyssinian kittens

Blue Abyssinian cat Personality

While an active cat, Blue Abyssinian cat is the easiest cat to have in your home. They love people and other animals.

They will spend hours playing with their own toys but enjoy a good time playing interactive with their parents.

Blue Abyssinian cat will talk to you in a soft, calm voice. Abyssinian is loving and affectionate and loves to spend time with his parents.

Although Blue Abyssinian cat is easy to care for, it likes to rub or rub with a nice cloth, will reward you with a loving look and gesture.

Living with:

Blue Abyssinian cat will usually keep their weight under control with active cats and compensatory exercises. Blue Abyssinian cat should find some tall perch and cat trees so they can jump and climb.

Abyssinians are social cats and want to have some companionship. This company of the Blue Abyssinian cat can be supplied with other cats or pets around when other assistants are not home.

blue Abyssinian cat blue abyssinian cat blue abyssinian blue abyssinian kittens


Although the Abyssinian cat is regarded as a breed that can trace its roots directly to the Nile Valley, he was actually born in Great Britain.

After a military operation in Abyssinia in the 1860s, Lord Robert Napier brought a cat to Britain. The cat’s name was Zulu and was the basis for a beautiful breed known today as Abyssinia.

The unique ticking pattern at Abyssinian Co reminds people of the camouflage pattern in the wild rabbit coat.

This feature was so pleasing that the Zulu was bred to random-breed cats that looked the same with their coat and breed Abyssinia.

The breed itself was extremely popular, and Abyssinian cats were soon bred throughout Europe and the United States and Canada.

This popularity proved to be a species rescue as the two world wars almost eroded the European nation.

New Abyssinians were imported and the breed continued. In the late 1960s, when the feline leukemia virus almost destroyed the breed in Britain, more Abyssinians were brought back to Britain to reproduce.

blue abyssinian cat blue abyssinian blue abyssinian kittens

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