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Riding horses is interesting and obviously challenging. People find riding a horse a lot of fun and pride. How to get on a horse? Before you mount a horse, you have to learn the process. Like every other thing, horse riding also has several rules, grammar, process, and training. If you can’t ride the horse perfectly, the next journey with the horse can be horrible. In this article, I am going to talk about how to get on a horse.

How to get on a horse? Let’s learn

The horse’s body language is important to proceed with the mounting. In case the horse is unstable, feared, or fury, you will find riding very challenging. Since you are a novice, the horse should be quite calm and stable when you ride on.

Taking advice and asking for the presence of a professional trainer will be good for avoiding any mistakes for the first time. It is a much better idea than just reading blogs and watching videos. Check the mood, time, and environment on the day you are going to mount the horse as a beginner. A rain, windy or stormy day will not be a good choice. The horse must be cool and well-tempered.

An exhausted or distracted horse will cause risk and demotivation for you with unsuccessful attempts. The time should be the same as you have scheduled for each day. This consistency will help the training procedure a lot. In the beginning, you have to establish bonding with the horse. The horse should treat you as its companion, not an enemy. Have patience and stay calm. Don’t rush during the process. Never to force the horse.

Contact eyes, rub hands on its head and pat the back. In case the horse considers you as an enemy, the rest of the process will be ruined. Let the horse understand your motive.

Take some safety measures before you start the writing process. Equipment like helmets, boots, pad, and gloves are very much needed to avoid any unwanted casualty. Never go to test the horse without these, because the horse is a quite unpredictable animal.

Ride the horse from the right side. As a beginner, you must know about the right side of the horse to ride on. You are to ride the horse from its “near” side to facilitate an easy mounting.

The near side of the horse is its left side. When you mount from this side, it will be professional and easy to control the horse since inception.

You have to be careful all the time while you are mounting the horse. Mounting is quite amusing and thrilling no doubt, but as a beginner, you should not experiment with the horse as well as with yourself. Be alert and keep your eyes and sense sharp.

A horse is not a machine and maybe unpredictable at any time. At the same time keep attention to learn the language of your horse.

As per the mounting horse grammar, the horse’s right side is familiar as the “off” side. You should find the reins in the left hand and the left hand placed on the pommel of the saddle when you stand the horse face to face.

Horses are tall enough to mount on. Being a beginner, you have to adjust the tricks and techniques to make the training successful and easy for you.

Don’t start the training alone. Try to keep a person, or an expert to assist you in the process. As you have been going to ride the horse as a beginner, it is a good idea if someone takes the charge of the horse for you while you will be mounting on the back.

His job will be to tackle the horse in case it moves away unpredictably. As the horse to be unmoved when you are riding on, someone’s presence may be helpful to tame the horse with you.

Before the training process, you have to check and double-check your girth! Checking the perfection of the girth is essential.

If it is not quite ok, fix it earlier. The girth should be stuck to the animal in such a way that the saddle can be able to roll when you are about to get on this with comprehensive force and pressure. The horse must be stable and upright when you accomplish this.

As you have been taking your position on the left side of the horse, you should be able to hold the ends part of the reins in your left hand. The location and position to be just in front of the saddle. Don’t forget to keep them loose while you mount. The person beside you can also help you to get this done.

how to get on a horse

During this phase of training, place your left foot in the horse’s stirrup. It is your priority to put the ball of your foot on the stirrup. At the same time, make sure you are successfully sticking your foot all the way through to the heel. By using a stirrup this way, you are facilitating the riding process. You have to do these steps as quickly as possible.

You will not get enough time at this phase. Therefore, you have to accomplish several tricks simultaneously to make your job done. Put the weight of your body on the left foot while you would proceed with a standing position.

Right at this point, your right leg should be hanging just beside the left leg. This is a vulnerable position for you and the horse must be on stop and strong so that you don’t slip down. Keep the weight of your upper part on the horse’s neck and back.

Keep your lower part of the body flexible and swing your right leg up and over the horse’s body part. Keep the pressure of the upper body part on the back of the horse. Try to be very careful so that you don’t accidentally kick the horse while you are on this move. The horse should be unmoved at his situation

Maintain the balance of the body. Distribute your body load evenly on both sides of the horse. Gradually sit down in the middle of the saddle very gently so that the horse doesn’t feel any sudden push or pressure.

Now you are almost done. It’s time to adjust the stirrups up to their proper length. Next, hang your right foot in the opposite stirrup the horse has on the other side. Stick the center of the ball of your foot on the stirrup, it’s not right to put the toe or heel in that position. Now you should be feeling confident and comfortable.

Here you have successfully mounted on your horse for the first time. Give the horse a treat for the accomplishment of understanding your motive. Repeat the process several times every day.

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