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The black Abyssinian cat is a strange breed, thanks to its unique, tinted coat, often said to resemble wild cats found throughout North America.

These gorgeous, powerful cats are impressive athletes of sharp minds and charming personalities.

Confident Abby is always on the move, another naughty mission. For this and many more, today we are excited to introduce you to Cat World Minor Cougar – Abyssinia!

The main feature

black Abyssinian cat is a skilled and compassionate athlete. It has a slender, thin and strong body. Their legs are long and with oval paws.

black Abyssinian cat has large, pointed ears with a medium-sized thorn-shaped head. The nose and chin should form a straight vertical line when viewed in the profile.

The fur of the black Abyssinian cat is short, silky and uniquely recognized for ticking. It can vary in color from ruby ​​red and fawn tone to silver-blues.

Tickets are a trademark of the species and are a genetic variant of the tabby genre. The black Abyssinian cat breed is characterized by wide and expressive eyes that are either gold, green, hazel or copper.


It is said that Abyssinian is one of the oldest cats there. For a long time, it was believed that these cats originated from ancient Abyssinia (today’s Ethiopia).

The story goes on to say that this breed was made in Great Britain, where British troops were brought in by British troops from Abyssinian.

The word spreads that one of the soldiers brought a cat named Zulu who later became the basis of the fascinating breed we all love so much.

More recent genetic studies, however, prove that they are more likely to originate, not in Ethiopia, but in South East Asia (in particular the Indian Ocean coast).

Based on the genetic traits found in Abyssinian cats for both Southeast Asia and Western Europe, it is likely that cats from both Asia and Europe were used to breed what we know today.

Not long after the British made their way to the United States, in 1979 the breed was recognized by the Cat Fansiers Company.

black Abyssinian cat black abyssinian cat black and white abyssinian cat black abyssinian abyssinian black and white cat


Notorious for their intelligence and agility, the black Abyssinian cat is considered one of the most intelligent, athletic and clever breeds in the cat world.

Usually, the black Abyssinian cat is not a stone, cats are cats. These cats are desperate, hunters and jumpers.

They find success in an environment where they can explore and climb trees or simply enjoy a good game with their Humane and fellow cat friends.

Among its numerous nicknames, the black Abyssinian cat is also often referred to as the cat-world “clown” because of its intriguing and naughty personality.

Health and care

Some published studies have identified black Abyssinian cats among several other breeds that are at risk for diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder that has high blood sugar levels for a long time. This happens when insulin is not produced in the body or the body does not respond to it.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is associated with Abyssinians as well as Somali and Ossicat varieties.

PRA is a genetically determined condition that causes blindness from cats to late life. Two genes associated with this condition have been identified in these three strains.

Some other health issues related to Abyssinia varieties are periodontal disease (gingivitis), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), proliferative cardiomyopathy (DCM), pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD), psychogenic alopecia lesion (strep throat psoriasis, and strep throat).

black abyssinian cat black and white abyssinian cat black abyssinian abyssinian black and white cat

Fun information about cute breeds

1. black Abyssinian cat is one of the earliest cat stars. There are many cats out there who have performed in famous shows, books, museums, and movies. Abyssinian, however, was one of the first species to begin their careers.

In 1871, an Abyssinian won third place by appearing at the world’s second-largest cat show held at the Crystal Palace in London.

W Gordon Stables was where the Mysterious Story of the Zulu was caught, the first of which was mentioned in a cat-breeder catalog, “Cats, Their Points, and Features.”

In 1978, an Abyssinian named Jack debuted in the Walt Disney movie “The Cat From Outer Space.”

2. The first cat DNA is an Abyss. In 2007, the resort genome was finally sequenced. And the star of science was an Abyssinian cat named Cinnamon.

It was a revolutionary invention for the advancement of cat science.

3. They have contributed to Australia’s first breed of cats. Australia’s first breeder cat was created in the 1970s by Dr. Truda Strayed, who passed on an Abyssinian, Burmese, and Australian domestic shorthair cat.

He wanted to create a cat that would contain all of his favorite crooked traits. And as a result, the beautiful Mist of the Australian Mist.

৪. They are rated as cute cat breeds. According to an interesting list of the top 10 smartest cat breeds developed by CatTime, Abyssinians are in the highest ranking.

“If the best way to learn is to play, these cats are some of the best students around” “- explains CatTime.

Black Abyssinian cat truly likes no other. An outstanding human partner combining their exterior appearance, admirable athleticism and extraordinary smarts.

Thanks to their playful and good nature, these cats are great with kids and other pets. Every house in which they are awakened brings joy and consciousness.

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