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The least weasel, scientific name Mustela nivalis, a little weasel, widespread weasel, or just weasel within the UK and far from the world, is the smallest member of the genus Mustela, household Mustelidae and order Carnivora.

About Least Weasel, Mustela nivalis or lesser weasel

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It’s native to Eurasia, North America, and North Africa, and has been launched to New Zealand, Malta, Crete, Bermuda, Madeira Island, the Azores, the Canary Islands, São Tomé, the Falkland Islands, Argentina, and Chile.

It’s categorized as least concern by the IUCN, on account of its extensive distribution and enormous inhabitants all through the Northern Hemisphere.

Least weasels from varied elements of its vary range drastically in measurement. The physique is slender and elongated, the legs and tail are comparatively quick.

The color varies geographically, as does the pelage sort and size of the tail. The dorsal floor, flanks, limbs, and tail of the animal are normally some shade of brown whereas the underparts are white.

The road delineating the boundary between the 2 colors is normally straight. At excessive altitudes and within the northern a part of its vary, the coat turns into pure white in winter. Eighteen subspecies are recognized.

Small rodents kind the biggest a part of the least weasel’s weight loss program, but it surely additionally kills and eats rabbits, different mammals, and infrequently birds, birds’ eggs, fish, and frogs.

Males mark their territories with olfactory alerts and have unique residence ranges that can intersect with or embrace a number of feminine ranges. Least weasels use pre-existing holes to sleep, retailer meals, and lift their younger.

Breeding takes place within the spring and summertime, and there’s a single litter of about six kits that are reared solely by the feminine.

As a result of its small measurement and fierce nature, the least weasel performs a necessary half within the mythology and legend of varied cultures.


The least weasel has a skinny, drastically elongated and intensely versatile physique with a small, but elongated, blunt-muzzled head which is not any thicker than the neck.

The eyes are small in relation to their head measurement and are bulging and darkish colored.

The legs and tail are comparatively quick, the latter constituting lower than half the physique size. The toes have sharp, dark-colored claws, and the soles are closely haired.

The cranium, particularly that of the small rixosa group, has a childish look when put next with that of different members of the genus Mustela (particularly, the stoat and kolonok).

That is expressed within the comparatively giant measurement of the skull and shortened facial area.

The cranium is, total, much like that of the stoat, however smaller, although the skulls of enormous male weasels are inclined to overlap in measurement with these of small feminine stoats.

There are normally 4 pairs of nipples however these are solely seen in females. The baculum is brief, 16 to 20 mm (0.6 to 0.eight in), with a thick, straight shaft.

Fats is deposited alongside the backbone, kidneys, intestine mesenteries, and across the limbs.

The least weasel has muscular anal glands underneath the tail, which measure 7 by 5 mm (0.Three by 0.2 in) and include sulfurous volatiles, together with thietanes and dithiacyclopentanes. The odor and chemical composition of those chemical compounds are distinct from these of the stoat.

The least weasel strikes by leaping, the space between the tracks of the fore and hind limbs being 18 to 35 cm (7 to 14 in).

Dimensions range geographically, to an extent not often discovered amongst different mammals.

Least weasels of the boccamela group, for instance, might outweigh the smaller races by virtually 4 instances. In some giant subspecies, the male could also be 1.5 instances longer than the feminine.

Variations in tail size are additionally variable, constituting from 13–30% of the size of the physique.

Common physique size in males is 130 to 260 mm (5 to 10 in), whereas females common 114 to 204 mm (4.5 to eight.Zero in).

The tail measures 12 to 87 mm (0.5 to three.Four in) in males and 17 to 60 mm (0.7 to 2.Four in) in females.

Males weigh 36 to 250 g (1.Three to eight.eight oz), whereas females weigh 29 to 117 g (1.Zero to 4.1 oz).

The winter fur is dense, however quick and carefully becoming. In northern subspecies, the fur is delicate and silky, however coarse in southern kinds. The summertime fur may be very quick, sparser, and rougher.

The higher elements in the summertime fur are darkish, however, range geographically from dark-tawny or dark-chocolate to mild pale tawny or sandy.

The decrease elements, together with the decrease jaw and internal sides of the legs, are white. There may be usually a brown spot on the nook of the mouth.

The dividing line between the darkish higher and lightweight decrease elements is normally straight however typically kinds an irregular line.

The tail is brown, and typically the tip is just a little darker however it’s by no means black.

Within the northern a part of its vary and at excessive altitudes, the least weasel adjustments color within the winter, the coat changing into pure white and exhibiting just a few black hairs in uncommon circumstances.

Reproduction and development

The least weasel mates in April–July and there’s a 34- to 37-day gestation interval.

Within the Northern Hemisphere, the common litter measurement consists of 6 kits and these attain sexual maturity in Three to Four months. Males might mate throughout their first yr of life, although that is normally unsuccessful.

They’re fecund in February–October, although the early phases of spermatogenesis do happen all through the winter months. Anestrus in females lasts from September till February.

The feminine raises its kits without the assist from the male. They’re 1.5 to 4.5 g (0.05 to 0.16 oz) in weight at the start.

New child kits are born pink, bare, blind, and deaf, however, achieve a white coat of downy fur on the age of Four days.

At 10 days, the margin between the darkish higher elements and lightweight underneath elements turn into seen.

The milk enamel erupts at 2 to three weeks of age, at which level the younger begin to eat strong meals, although lactation can final 12 weeks.

The eyes and ears open at Three to Four weeks of age, and by eight weeks, killing behavior is developed.

The household breaks up after 9 to 12 weeks. There’s a single litter every year and least weasels can stay for 7 or eight years.

Territorial and social behaviors

The least weasel has a typical mustelid territorial sample, consisting of unique male ranges encompassing a number of feminine ranges.

The inhabitant’s density of every territory relies upon drastically on meals provide and reproductive success, thus the social construction and inhabitants’ density of any given territory is unstable and versatile.

Just like the stoat, the male least weasel extends its vary throughout spring or throughout meal shortages.

Its scent-marking behavior is much like that of the stoat; it makes use of feces, urine, and anal and dermal gland secretions, the latter two of that are deposited by anal dragging and physique rubbing.

The least weasel doesn’t dig its personal den, however nests within the deserted burrow of one other species reminiscent of a mole or rat.

The burrow entrance measures about 2.5 cm (0.98 in) throughout and results in the nest chamber situated as much as 15 cm (5.9 in) underfloor.

The nest chamber (which is used for sleeping, rearing kits, and storing meals) measures 10 cm (3.9 in) in diameter and is lined with straw and the skins of the weasel’s prey.

The least weasel has 4 primary vocalizations; a guttural hiss emitted when alarmed, which is interspersed with quick screaming barks and shrieks when provoked. When defensive, it emits a shrill wail or squeal.

Throughout encounters between men and women or between a mom and kits, the least weasel emits a high-pitched trilling.

The least weasel’s method of expressing aggression is much like that of the stoat. Dominant weasels exhibit lunges and shrieks throughout aggressive encounters, whereas subdominant weasels will emit submissive squeals.


Taxidermy exhibit exhibiting the least weasel attacking a European hare, within the Pure Historical past Museum of Genoa

The least weasel feeds predominantly on mouse-like rodents, together with mice, hamsters, gerbils, and others.

It normally doesn’t assault grownup hamsters and rats. Frogs, fish, small birds, and chook eggs are not often eaten.

It could possibly take care of grownup pikas and gerbils, however, normally can’t overcome brown rats and sousliks.

Distinctive circumstances are identified of least weasels killing prey far bigger than themselves, reminiscent of capercaillie, hazel hen, and hares. In England, favored prey merchandise is the sphere vole Microtus agrestis.

These have fluctuations in inhabitants measurement, and in years of abundance might kind as much as 54% of the weasel’s weight loss program. In years of shortage, birds kind a better proportion of the weight loss program and feminine least weasels might fail to breed.

Regardless of its small measurement, the least weasel is a fierce hunter, able to kill a rabbit 5 to 10 instances its personal weight.

Though they’re generally taken, the rabbits are normally younger specimens and turn into a necessary meal supply in the course of the spring, when small rodents are scarce and rabbit kits are plentiful.

Male least weasels take the next proportion of rabbits than females, in addition to prey. That is linked to the truth that is bigger and having vaster territorial ranges than females, males have extra alternatives to hunt a better variety of prey.

The least weasel forages undercover, to keep away from being seen by foxes and birds of prey. It’s tailored for pursuing its prey down tunnels, although it could additionally bolt prey from a burrow and kill it within the open.

The least weasel kills small prey, reminiscent of voles, with a chunk to the occipital area of the cranium or the neck, dislocating the cervical vertebrae. Massive prey usually dies of blood loss or circulatory shock.

When meals are ample, solely a small portion of the prey is eaten, normally the mind. The common everyday meal consumption is 35 g (1 oz), which is equal to 30–35% of the animal’s physique weight.

Predators and opponents

The least weasel is sufficiently small to be preyed upon by a variety of different predators. Least weasel stays have been discovered within the excrement of purple foxes, sables, steppe and forest polecat, stoats, eagle owls, and buzzards.

The owls best at capturing least weasels are barn, barred, and nice horned owls. Different birds of prey threatening to the least weasel embrace broad-winged and rough-legged buzzards.

Some snake species might prey on the least weasel, together with the black rat snake and copperhead.

Other than its smaller measurement, the least weasel is extra susceptible to predation than the stoat as a result of it lacks a black predator deflection mark on the tail.

In areas the place the least weasel is sympatric with the stoat, the 2 species compete with one another for rodent prey.

The weasel manages to keep away from an excessive amount of competitors by residing in additional upland areas, feeding on smaller prey, and being able to come into smaller holes.

It actively avoids encounters with stoats, although feminine weasels are much less prone to cease foraging within the presence of stoats, maybe as a result of their smaller measurement permits them to shortly escape into holes.

least weasel

Distribution and habitat

The least weasel has a circumboreal, Holarctic distribution, encompassing a lot of Europe and North Africa, Asia, and elements of northern North America, the place it happens primarily in locations the place the stoat shouldn’t be discovered and has lately been extirpated from New York.

It has been launched in New Zealand, Malta, Crete, the Azore Islands, and likewise São Tomé off West Africa.

It’s discovered all through Europe (however not Eire) and on many islands, together with the Azores, Nice Britain, and all main Mediterranean islands.

It additionally happens on Honshu and Hokkaido Islands in Japan and on Kunashir, Iturup, and Sakhalin Islands in Russia.

The least weasel occupies an identical sort of habitat because the stoat, but it surely frequents moist locations much less usually.

It may be present in fields, open woodland, bushy or rocky areas, parks and gardens, and at altitudes of as much as about 3,000 meters (9,800 ft).

Conservation status

The least weasel has a really extensive circumboreal vary and big whole inhabitants and is due to this fact listed by the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature as being of “least concern”.

Its chosen habitat is in areas of coarse vegetation and in some areas its numbers could also be reduced due to adjustments in agricultural practices, however, altogether its inhabitant’s development is regarded as regular.

It’s comparatively widespread in Eurasia however much less ample in North America and is regarded as uncommon within the southeastern United States.

It’s topic to appreciable variations in numbers in areas the place its primary rodent prey is liable to giant inhabitants fluctuations.

In years of rodent inhabitants booms, the least weasel numbers might rise by as much as ten-fold, solely to hunch once more as prey turns into scarce once more within the following years.

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