(Last Updated On: October 9, 2021) Why do I love my cat so much? Cats bring up ideas of mystery and beauty, ancient Egyptian goddesses, Halloween night, and witches on broomsticks just by saying the word. What other animals are so closely connected with occult imagery while yet being everyday companions? In this article, I am going to talk about some logic why do I love my cat so much. Wolves, from the werewolf to the great evil wolf of fairy tale lore, may have a spine-tingling link with old stories. Dogs are common in most suburban backyards and share our lives.

Why do I love my cat so much?

Cats, on the other hand, are the only animals that can wander discreetly and easily between the worlds of the mystic and the ordinary. Why are cats so fascinating to us, and why do I love my cat so much?

1. Cats are stunning

Cat lovers and non-cat lovers must agree that their huge, soulful eyes and gorgeous features, their graceful shapes, their dainty noses and paws, and their metronomic tails are all beautiful. Cats’ eyes might be a dazzling green, a calm blue, or a startling yellow. Their fur can be long or short, smooth or bushy, evenly colored or patterned like tigers or calicos, and come in a variety of colors, including orange, yellow, brown, grey, black, and white, or a mix of the aforementioned.

2. Cats are interesting creatures to see

The hilarious activities of playful kittens playing, leaping, bounding, and rolling over the floor, sometimes reacting to things that we ordinary humans can’t even notice, keep us entertained. Adult cats captivate us with their elegant movements, their ability to move quietly and discreetly, and the ease with which they can leap, climb, and stroll over sloping surfaces or small ledges that only a skilled human acrobat would attempt and an answer why do I love my cat so much.

3. Cat is an enigma

Cats are admired by some because of their enigmatic ways and connections with the night and bygone eras when magic felt more conceivable. Some admire them for their status as reclusive loners. Cats, according to dog owners, are disdainful of humans because they are too independent. Cat enthusiasts claim that being loved by your cat means far more than being loved by your dog because, unlike a dog, which has a master or pack leader to obey, a cat is a lonely animal by nature. If a cat wants to be with you, it’s because she picked you and you’ve earned her love, trust, respect, and devotion.

4. An affectionate friend

Cats, in my experience, are lovely, caring, and affectionate companions. True, they might not be wagging their tails at the door when you get home. On the other side, one of my cats waits for us at the door when we get home, and our other cat is always looking at us. She meows to get our attention as soon as we glance at her. They both give and receive affection, and few things are more soothing than lying on a sofa for hours on end caressing a cat. Cats are extremely soft and warm to the touch, and they enjoy curling up on your lap to be petted and have their chin and tummy rubbed.

5. Excellent home pet

There are numerous practical reasons that cats share so many of our lives and homes, in addition to the emotional reasons that so many people adore cats. They are an excellent choice for a home pet, particularly for city residents. They’re tiny, so they’re perfect for living in a cramped city flat. They don’t require regular walks outside, making them easier to care for than dogs, especially for individuals who are at work all day, don’t have a large yard, or dislike walking in the weather. Cats are also quite clean and quiet since they do not track mud onto your carpets, chase automobiles, or bark at passers-by, which may enrage your neighbors. why do I love my cat so much

6. Intelligent and teachable

Cats are intelligent, and kittens can be taught to use litter boxes quickly, making them considerably cleaner and simpler to integrate into a family than pups. Cats, due to their tiny size, do not consume the same amount of food as large dogs, making them more cost-effective for households on a tight budget. It’s also possible to live with many cats at the same time and an answer to the question of why do I love my cat so much.

7. Cat’s Little need

Indoor cats want sufficient room to feel at ease, which includes furniture of different heights because vertical space is just as essential to cats as floor space. Cats, too, require secluded areas where they may be alone. Before bringing cats into your home, take a stroll around and inspect it as if you were attempting to make it childproof, keeping an eye out for drawers and cupboards that open too readily. Because cats can climb, you must take more measures to keep them away from household cleaning chemicals, potentially toxic houseplants, and electrical wires than you would with children or dogs.

8. Cat’s Ecology

Cats were originally welcomed into human households because of their capacity to kill mice, however, this is a bad aspect for me. First and foremost, I consider companion animals to be self-sufficient members of another species that share our homes. It’s an honor to be welcomed and trusted by other animals, and my objective is to earn that confidence by providing a secure and happy home with plenty of love and attention. They aren’t here to assist me in any manner. I also don’t want to see mice murdered like an animal lover, thus my cats don’t have access to smaller animals.

9. A hub of pleasure

Cats offer us so much, and we owe it to them to give them our all, from the best of care to an abundance of love and devotion. If you decide to welcome cats into your home, make sure you provide them with all they require to live happily and fulfilled lives. Healthy balanced meals, regular availability to clean fresh water and litter pans, and frequent brushings to maintain hair shiny and healthy are all essential aspects. A safe environment, as well as regular veterinarian appointments for vaccinations and quick medical treatment in the event of sickness, are all essential.

10. Cat’s safety

Remove any heavy things that may fall and hurt your cats, and avoid carrying heavy objects or passing hot cups of coffee directly over your sleeping cats (in case they slide out of your hands). Be cautious that long strand-like items like yarn and tinsel are extremely hazardous, despite the cliche of kittens playing with balls of yarn. They may tangle up playful cats and cause them to choke, and if ingested, they can block the intestines. Cars, busy roads, dogs, extremes of heat and cold, and other risks must all be avoided by outdoor cats. Be careful that cats may seek warmth beneath the hoods of parked automobiles on cold winter mornings. Before you start your engine, take a look beneath the hood.

11. Cats are clever

Remember that cats are intelligent and may occasionally learn to open doors as you inspect your environment to make it cat-safe. They also prefer to sleep in warm, comforting places, so avoid accidentally locking them in drawers or closets. Before you switch on the washing machine or other device, be sure they haven’t crawled into it. Children must learn the necessity of carefully handling cats, and you must be almost as nimble as your cats to avoid stepping on their feet or tails. I like to glide about my flat rather than raise my feet and risk walking on someone since cats like to appear out of nowhere and get underfoot.

12. Cat makes us proud

A few extra measures, which will quickly become second nature to you, may go a long way toward keeping your cats healthy and safe for many years. Your cats’ life will be enriched by good care, plenty of love, and plenty of play and devotion. Your cats will improve your life in so many ways that it will be hard to list them all. It’s easy to see why cats were loved by the ancients, but what matters most is that we love them and share our lives and homes with them. Cat lovers all across the world may proudly declare that they are cat people, and thus I find my answer why do I love my cat so much!

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