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The New Forest Pony is, without doubt, one of the recognized mountain and moorland or native pony breeds of the British Isles. In this article, I am going to give an overview of the New Forest Pony horse breed profile and description.

New Forest Pony Horse Breed

Peak varies from round 12 to 14.2 arms (48 to 58 inches, 122 to 147 cm); ponies of all heights ought to be robust, workmanlike, and of a great driving sort. They’re valued for hardiness, power, and sure-footedness. The breed is indigenous to the New Forest in Hampshire in southern England, the place equines have lived since earlier than the final Ice Age; stays relationship again to 500,000 BC have been discovered inside 50 miles (80 km) of the center of the fashionable New Forest.

DNA research has proven historically shared ancestry with the Celtic-type Asturcón and Potok ponies.

Many breeds have contributed to the muse bloodstock of the New Forest pony, however at the moment solely ponies whose mother and father are each registered as purebred within the permitted part of the stud guide could also be registered as purebred.

The New Forest pony could be ridden by youngsters and adults, could be pushed in harness, and competes efficiently towards bigger horses in horse present competitors. New Forest Pony Breed Historical past The New Forest Pony is called after the New Forest, which is situated in Hampshire in southern England, as that’s the location the place these ponies originated from. However, this pony is definitely one in every of 9 native breeds from the U.K.

And it’s believed that ponies have been grazing within the New Forest space for 1000’s of years. Consultants additionally suppose that New Forest Ponies, particularly, have been dwelling there since 1016, however, it’s troublesome to hint the precise origins of this pony breed. Over time, New Forest Ponies blended with fairly a number of different equine breeds, both naturally or because of human intervention. And it’s believed that, from across the 1800s onward, a number of equine breeds had been used to assist enhance the New Forest Pony bloodline.

The breeds that blended with the New Forest Pony included the Thoroughbred and the Arabian, in addition to the Welsh Pony, the Dartmoor Pony, and the Exmoor Pony.

Others included the Hackney Horse, the Fell Pony, the Dales Pony, and the Highland Pony. Because of this, the New Forest Pony has genes which might be extra numerous than different British equine breeds.

Nevertheless, the breed was additionally influenced by the atmosphere that it lived in, so these animals have grown to be quite hardy and difficult. At present, the New Forest Pony is a well-liked breed around the globe, as these horses have been exported to nations together with Australia, the USA, France, Sweden, and Canada, as a number of examples, because the 1950s.

These ponies can be utilized as driving horses and as leisure horses, they usually additionally do properly in areas like leaping and dressage, because of their physique and character.

Breed Traits

In terms of peak, the New Forest Pony does not have a decrease restrict. One of many many the explanation why the New Forest Pony has to grow to be such a preferred breed is due to its pleasant and docile temperament.

These light but robust and durable ponies are sometimes straightforward to coach, and they’re additionally multi-talented, clever, quiet, versatile, and prepared to please.

Plus, in comparison with different native pony breeds from the British Isles, the New Forest Pony is the one that’s the least afraid of individuals.

For these causes, the ponies can be utilized in all the pieces from endurance driving and basic driving, to leaping, work, and dressage. Requirements for the breed are stipulated by the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society. The utmost peak allowed is 14.2 1⁄four arms (58.25 inches, 148 cm).

Though there is no such thing as a minimal peak normal, in apply New Forest ponies are seldom lower than 12 arms (48 inches, 122 cm). In exhibits, they usually are classed in two sections: competitors peak A, 138 centimeters (54 in) and below; and competitors peak B, over 138 centimeters (54 in).

New Forest ponies ought to be of driving sort, workmanlike, and robust in conformation, with a sloping shoulder and highly effective hindquarters; the physique ought to be deep, and the legs straight with robust, flat bone, and laborious, rounded hooves.

Bigger ponies, though slender sufficient within the barrel for young children to journey comfortably are additionally able to carry adults. Smaller ponies might not be appropriate for heavier riders, however, they typically have extra present high quality.

The New Forest pony has free, even gaits, energetic and straight, however not exaggerated, and is famous for sure-footedness, agility, and velocity. The ponies are mostly bay, chestnut, or gray. Few coat colors are excluded: piebald, skewbald, and blue-eyed cream usually are not allowed; palomino and really mild chestnut are solely accepted by the stud guide as geldings and mares.

Blue eyes are by no means accepted. White markings on the top and decrease legs are allowed, until they seem behind the top, above the purpose of the hock within the hind leg, or above the metacarpal bone on the bend within the knee within the foreleg.

Ponies failing to cross these requirements might not be registered within the purebred part of the stud guide, however, are recorded within the appendix, referred to as the X-register.

The offspring of those animals might not be registered as purebred New Forest ponies, because the stud guide is closed and solely the offspring of purebred-approved registered ponies could also be registered as purebred. New Forest ponies have a mild temperament and a repute for intelligence, power, and flexibility. On the entire, they’re a sturdy and hardy breed.

The one recognized hereditary genetic dysfunction discovered within the breed is congenital myotonia, a muscular condition additionally present in people, canines, cats, and goats.

It was recognized within the Netherlands in 2009 after a clinically affected foal was offered to the Equine Clinic of Utrecht College. DNA sequencing revealed that the affected foal was homozygous for a missense mutation within the gene encoding CLCN1, a protein that regulates the excitability of the skeletal muscle.

The mutated allele was present in each of the foal’s mother and father, its siblings, and two different associated animals, none of whom exhibited any scientific indicators.

The researchers concluded that the situation has an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance, whereby each mother and father need to contribute the mutated allele for a bodily affected foal to be produced with that phenotype.

The examine steered that the mutation was of comparatively current origin: the founding father of the mutated gene, as all of the ponies who examined constructive for the mutation, are direct descendants of this stallion.

The possible founder stallion has been recognized as Kantje’s Ronaldo; testing is now underway to determine which of his offspring carry the mutated gene.

All carriers can be faraway from the breeding part of the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society’s stud guide, and all New Forest stallions licensed within the UK additionally can be examined, whether or not or not they descend from Kantje’s Ronaldo, to cowl the likelihood that the mutated gene might have appeared earlier within the pedigree, though it’s believed that the mutated gene has now been eradicated from the British breeding inventory.

All breeding inventory imported to the UK additionally can be examined.


In terms of peak, the New Forest Pony truly doesn’t have a decrease restriction. However, the most peak for this breed is 14.2 arms.

Additionally, if you have a look at the physique of a New Forest Pony, you may even discover that this breed is extra like a horse than a pony. And these ponies are thought of hardy with straight motion. A New Forest Pony ought to function robust quarters and sloping shoulders, together with a brief again, brief neck, and lengthy head.

Additionally, you will discover the good depth, ft which might be spherical and laborious, and limbs that might be straight. The physique ought to be robust sufficient to hold a grownup, in addition to slender sufficient to hold a small youngster.

Nevertheless, smaller New Forest Ponies doubtless won’t have the ability to carry adults in any respect.

new forest pony


The New Forest Pony is hardy and robust. Most frequently, the New Forest Pony is both grey, chestnut, or bay in shade. Nevertheless, the New Forest Pony might truly showcase any shade besides cream with blue eyes, skewbald, and piebald.

Additionally, mild chestnut and palomino, in addition to cream with darkish eyes, are ineligible as licensed stallions, so you’ll solely discover mares and geldings sporting mild chestnut and palomino colors.

Blue eyes are by no means permitted, and there are additional limitations on the subject of white markings.

For instance, white markings are solely allowed on the decrease legs and on the top, as long they don’t seem to be behind the top, above the metacarpal bone of the foreleg on the bend within the pony’s knee, or above the realm of the horse’s hock on the hind leg. Grooming Necessities In terms of grooming your New Forest Pony, the identical primary routine that may very well be used for every other horse breed can be adequate.

Investing in an equine grooming package that comprises numerous brushes will allow you to get the job completed whereas bonding along with your pet.

Plus, each grooming session is a superb alternative to look at your pony’s physique and hooves for any indicators of an infection or accidents that must be handled promptly. Utilizing a curry comb is an efficient option to begin your pony’s grooming session. Utilizing round actions, you may use this comb to take away particles, dust, and extra hair out of your pet’s physique.

A body-ending brush might show you how to clear extra delicate areas like your pony’s legs whereas eradicating many more particles and free hair.

And a shedding blade, together with a dandy brush, might each be used to wash the coat much more. As soon as your pony’s coat is clear and glossy, you may use a moist, tender material to wash across the eyes and ears.

A mane comb and a tail brush are also used to make sure your pony’s mane and tail are freed from tangles and look tender and clean.

Lastly, a hoof pick may very well be used to utterly clear out the hooves. And when you ever want to wash your pony, choosing a mild shampoo designed for horses is greatest.


Up to now, smaller ponies had been used as pit ponies. At present, the New Forest pony and associated crossbreeds are nonetheless the “working pony of alternative” for native farmers and commoners, as their sure-footedness, agility, and sound sense will carry them (and their rider) safely throughout the numerous and sometimes hazardous terrain of the open Forest, generally at nice velocity, in the course of the autumn drifts.

New Forest ponies are also used at the moment for gymkhanas, present leaping, cross-country, dressage, driving, and eventing. The ponies can carry adults and in lots of circumstances compete on equal phrases with bigger equines whereas doing so.

For instance, in 2010, the New Forest Pony Fanatics Membership (NFPEC), a registered driving membership whose members compete solely on purebred registered New Forest ponies, received the Quadrille competitors on the London Worldwide Horse Present at Olympia.

This was a major win, because the British Driving Golf equipment Quadrille is a nationwide competitor, with solely 4 groups from the entire of Britain chosen to compete on the Nationwide Remaining.

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