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The yellow-bellied weasel, scientific name Mustela kathiah is a species of weasel that inhabits pine forests in central and eastern Asia. A captive Yellow-bellied Weasel will most likely reside for as much as eight years. In the wild, it’s seemingly that they’ll reside a number of years more. Females develop into sexually mature their first summertime, males will attain sexual maturity after 1 year of age.

Yellow-bellied Weasels primarily feed on Rodents, corresponding to rats, mice and voles, different small mammals, and birds.

Geographic Range

Mustela kathiah is discovered from northern Pakistan to southeast China and all through southeast Asia.

Distribution and habitat

The species happens in Bhutan, Burma, China, India, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It inhabits forested habitats between 1,000 m and a couple of,000 m in elevation, coming all the way down to the decrease end of its range in winter; in winter it could come down decrease than 1,000 m.

Yellow-bellied Weasel Description

The species is known for its yellow-colored underbelly; the higher aspect of the body and the tail are of a darkish brown. Body size is 9.8–10.6 inches (25–27 cm). The tail of 4.9–5.9 inches (12–15 cm) is about half as long because of the body. The implied weight is about 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg).

Yellow-Bellied Weasel

The dorsal surfaces of the pelt, together with the tail, are darkish brown, whereas the ventral surfaces are yellowish. The tail is more than half the size of the pinnacle and body.

The higher lip, chin, and throat are a lighter yellow-white coloration. The footpads are properly developed and uncovered. The soles of the hind feet are bald. Head and body size is from 250 to 270 mm, tail size from 125 to 150 mm.

Two subspecies are acknowledged: M. ok. caporiaccoi and M. ok. kathiah.

The name for this Weasel comes from its deep yellow colored underbelly. Its upperparts are a darkish chocolate brown and its higher lip, chin, and throat are edged in a lighter yellowish-white coloration.

The tail is more than half and generally almost two-thirds as long as the pinnacle and body; its footpads are properly developed and uncovered and the soles of its hind feet are bald.


Longevity in M. katiah could also be much like that of different mustelids. A captive M. sibirica lived to the age of Eight years and 10 months. In the wild, it’s seemingly that mustelids reside for a number of years after reaching maturity.


The Nepalese saved yellow-bellied weasels to eradicate rodents of their properties and educated them to assault bigger animals corresponding to geese, goats, and sheep for sport.

Mustelids are usually nocturnal, solitary, and territorial.

Food Habits

Yellow-bellied weasels eat principally rodents corresponding to mice, rats, and voles. They may even eat birds and small mammals. Excellent sight, listening to, and sense of scent allow Mustela kathiah to simply observe its prey. With its lean construct, it is ready to chase rats and mice of their burrows and kill them with a chew to the neck.


Members of the family Mustelidae are recognized for his or her ferocity and aggression. Mustela kathiah has been known as a hyperactive bundle of concentrated predatory energy.


It is probably going that M. katiah acts to control rodent populations within the areas the place it lives.

Yellow-Bellied Weasel

Yellow-Bellied Weasel Reproduction

Little is understood concerning the reproductive behavior of Mustela kathiah. A den is in-built a gap within the ground or underneath rocks or logs.

If reproductive behavior in M. katiah is like that of its shut relative, M. erminea, then breeding happens yearly with mating occurring in late spring or early summertime and implantation of fertilized eggs delayed till the next spring.

Females are due to this fact pregnant for about 10 months however gestation time is nearer to 1 month in duration. Births happen in April and May with litter sizes starting from Three to 18. Females might develop into sexually mature in their first summer, males will attain sexual maturity after 1 year of age.

If reproduction in M. katiah is much like that in M. erminea then younger are blind and helpless at birth however enhance in size quickly till about Eight weeks of age, when they’re able to search on their very own. Females care for his or her younger within the den till they acquire independence.


Yellow-bellied weasels are listed in Schedule II half II of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, Appendix III of CITES, and DD throughout the CAMP Workshop. Substantial analysis of their biology and inhabitants standing is required to make knowledgeable selections about their safety.


Yellow-bellied weasels eat birds, mice, rats, voles, and different small mammals.

Yellow-bellied weasels first construct a den within the ground. Breeding happens yearly. Mating happens in late spring or early summer. Females are pregnant for about ten months. The feminine provides beginning to 3-18 kits in April or May. By the time the kits are eight weeks old, they’re able to exit and hunt on their very own.

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